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We follow Customer and do not force them, so we use products our Client ask for!


GE General Electric

Series 90-30
Series Versamax
Series Pack System - Rx3i and Rx7i
Redundant Systems with Pack System

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Siemens Siemens

Series S7-300
Series S7-400
Safety System (SIL)
Redundant Systems with S7-400

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Rockwell Rockwell

Control Logix 5000
Series SLC500

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Omron Omron

CJ Series
CS Series

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Software development for the automation industry

We develop PLC Software base on customer specification following well established guideline:

modular software

Software Modular Design

Software is developed following modular design philosophy which allow for great scalability and clear code which means less bug. Modular design it's a concept well understood and largely used on the software industry. This is not often the case with PLC software mostly due to the fact that for a long time PLC developer where mainly people with electrical background. Today software for the automation has becomes complex and than it's important to apply all the technics that make development and debug easy allowing:

scalability: application can grow easily

debug: clear code allow easy debug

less bugs: less code is better code

reusability: module can be easily reused on the same application as well as for new application

Domain Specific Language

modular software

On request code is also developed following DSL (Domain Specofic Language) principle. When our customer has in-site developers than need to take over code for future maintenance, this approach give a even more modular approach that allow great expandibility with low effort. Once again DSL is widely apply in sectors like finance but is almot unknow in the automation industry. The benefit of it is being able to identify "key" functions that make up the system. The final program will be build using this main blocks so Your developer may forget about details and focus on the business logic of Your application.


modular software

Usually PLC software get test as soon as the machinery it's assembled. Some time all this equipment is big and it's must be assembled in-site. This means the debugging phase on the software must be carried out mainly in-site with:

bigger cost

longer deployment time

We bring the TDD (Test Driven Design) concept to the PLC world. We do not only develop the software necessary to run the equipment but even Test Function that simulate the equipment the PLC needs to run. This means that we can

test the software while we are developing it

stress the software creating a large number of situations that are not easy to setup on the real environment

This result in:

faster deployement

less bugs