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Commercial & Custom

Commercial SCADA as well as custom one based on Your needs!



Custom in C#

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GE General Electric

Cimplicity Plant Edition

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Software SCADA

SCADA Software base on Customer needs using:

Custom SCADA .NET and C# - when Customer needs customer solution
Commercial SCADA Cimplicity Plant Edition - when Customer request commercial solution

Custom SCADA

Custom Scada

We develop custom SCADA for the following scenarios:

need to deploy a large number of SCADA. Commerial product needs runtime license for each installation whereas custom software not

special requirement: some time application needs to perform special task that are not suitable for commercial SCADA:

applicationsthat needs to be delivered on mobile platform (Android)

applications that need to access special hardware such as analog input signal or image. Typically this application are more than SCADA, they are REALTIME application that replace PLC for special task.

Commercial SCADA

modular software

When customer ask for commercial products Cimplicity HMI approach is flexible and scalable. It has a rich set of functionality build in and it's easily customizable with scripting language. The new version support event C# and .NET User Control that allow great flexibility. We provvide on request also modules written in C# to fullfill not native requirement such as: - send email on alarms - monitor Cimplicity HMI critical process from outside and restart failed process - realtime interface for mobile phone (Android) to deliver diagnostic everytime and everywhere